RESTORING a Cars Finish with RestorFX and Royal Auto Finishes

With the help of RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System, Royal Auto Finishes permanently repairs a cars clear coat finish of damage. 

RestorFX is different from other paint correct solutions like paint sealants, waxes, polishes, and other polymer-based coating products. 

While these paint correction solutions may help renew a vehicle’s finish temporarily, they do little to address real paint damage. RestorFX fixes underlying clear coat issues by fully repairing and restoring damage — not just minimizing or covering it up.


The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System permanently repairs clear coat finish of damage.

By design, RestorFX is different from other paint protection solutions like paint sealants, glass coatings, ceramic coatings, waxes, polishes, and other polymer-based coating products. 

These products require buffing and polishing which slowly starts to take away your clear coat. Overtime if a car is buffed or polished regularly you risk burning through the paint completely. 

RestorFX is the only solution that will add to your existing clear coat. The RestorFX System treats underlying clear coat issues by fully repairing and restoring damage — not just minimizing or covering it up. 

Royal Auto Finishes is the only RestorFX licensed provider in the Central Texas Area.

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RestorFX is changing the industry by returning a vehicle’s paint back to a factory-quality shine

without the high cost and long turnaround times of a body shop.

Tomorrow’s innovation, changing the automotive refinishing industry today.

RestorFX pioneered the most advanced paint restoration and paint correction technology on the market that will restore a cars finish to its original factory finish. The RestorFX Polymimetic Coating Technology mimics and bonds with the original finish, filling in damage and chemically adhering to it for complete restoration.

Tested over a 13 year period …

… in various climates and extreme weather conditions, RestorFX is the result of many reformulations and we are confident there is nothing else like it.


We are the only licensed provider for RestorFX in Central Texas.

While traditional automotive detailing processes like cut/polish and waxes can be useful, they often cannot fix or help prevent damage that has or may occur down the road. With RestorFX, this is no longer an issue. Once RestorFX is applied using an exclusive application method, a chemically adhering restoration process takes place that self-levels and cures to your vehicle permanently. RestorFX completely renews the exterior appearance of your vehicles paint finish in just a few hours. Unlike the traditional cut-and-polish methods, RestorFX treats underlying clear coat issues by fully repairing and restoring damage—not just minimizing or covering it up.


Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish.

It’s highly unlikely that a vehicles paint will stay flawless for the span of its life. When a vehicle looks older and more worn than it actually is both pride and resale value are lost. That is why RestorFX spent over a decade pioneering a revolutionary technology that would reverse the signs of fading and damage, completely restoring a paint finish to its original state. Unlike anything else in the market, RestorFX delivers showroom-quality results without the high cost of repainting.

RestorFX Guarantee

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